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Recent Attorney Disability and Disciplinary Orders (Past 60 Days)


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(Updated 2019-02-20)

Date Last Name First Name Type of Order Attachment Details
02/15/2019 NOEL MATTHEW Suspension
02/12/2019 BEAUVAIS JR JOHN Reprimand
02/12/2019 MAUK MATTHEW Reprimand
02/12/2019 HALL PATRICK Reprimand
02/12/2019 BEAUVAIS JR JOHN Reprimand
02/12/2019 FISHER SCOTT Reprimand
02/12/2019 JUNG SOO-HYUN License Revocation
02/12/2019 BIEBESHEIMER CHARLES Reprimand
02/12/2019 GREEN ROBERT Reprimand
02/12/2019 STOLTZE BRUCE Reprimand
01/30/2019 GOEDKEN DUANE Suspension
01/25/2019 HUMPHREY BRYAN Suspension
01/25/2019 STANSBERRY BENJAMIN Suspension
01/03/2019 RIVERA MICHELLE Suspension
This list shows attorneys who have been disciplined or have received a disability suspension by the Iowa Supreme Court in the past 60 days.
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This process allows you to search the database of disability and discipline orders entered by the Supreme Court regarding Iowa lawyers. The database includes entries for public reprimands, suspension orders, reinstatement orders, license revocations and voluntary disbarments. Suspension orders may result from the formal disciplinary process, or may be based on the disability of a lawyer. The search result will include a link to the actual order or decision directing the discipline, disability suspension or reinstatement if the document currently is available in electronic form.
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